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Coastal Security Services Inc. has always known that its most valuable asset would be its people. We are passionate about building the best team of security officers possible, providing both armed and unarmed officers who excel in a variety of roles from guard posts to executive and elite athlete protection.


Our officers go through a thorough vetting process, receive training from the CSSI Academy, and are supported by our Layered Security Approach, Mentorship Programs, Analytics and Accountability Programs, and Live Officer Tracking. At CSSI, we provide our officers with the necessary tools and support to succeed both professionally and personally.


If you are a site supervisor or security director looking to enhance your security, CSSI's officers are the logical next step.

  • Un-Armed and Armed Officers
  • Training Exceeds State Standards
  • CSSI Academy Alumni

Dedicated officers

Having dedicated officers from CSSI benefits your site's security. These officers are specialized in providing site-specific security services, which means that they will take the time to learn your needs and provide you with better support. By focusing solely on your site's security, these officers can offer improved results.


Our armed officers can help enforce POA and HOA rules through ticketing and reporting, while also performing threat detection patrols and responding to a wider range of emergency response requests.


Our unarmed officers patrol and report on POA and HOA violations, perform threat detection, and direct emergency response teams for expedited service.

Roving Officers

We offer Roving Officers for locations where dedicated officers may not be the best fit. These roving officers manage a small group of accounts and perform multiple patrols on foot or via vehicle at various sites during their shifts. This allows for additional security to be added at a fraction of the cost typically associated with a dedicated officer.


*All roving officer quotes include a CSSI Patrol Vehicle, whether the patrols are done on foot or via vehicle.

  • Construction sites that want to prevent vandalism and theft
  • Residential properties that want to enforce HOA and POA rules
  • Industrial sites that want to ensure doors are locked and deter break-ins

Emergency Response

As a responsible site administrator, you need to ensure that your residents or employees are safe and secure, while minimizing liablities. With CSSI as a security partner you have a reliable security response team, in the case of an emergency. Our team is trained and ready to provide you with the following emergency response options:


  • Armed officers can be deployed to tackle emergencies like disturbances, suspicious activities, in-progress robberies, active shooters and more.
  • Unarmed officers are trained to help reduce the response time of traditional emergency units by cutting through confusion and directing them to the right location on site.
  • Our 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) and Dispatch Center, can be used as a streamlined point of communication for submitting security concerns. Our team can then expedite communication to the field assets in real time, thanks to our live officer tracking technology.
  • We also offer CPR, AED, and Handle With Care training through our Training and Security Academy. This training can be mandatory for all officers on site, at the client's request.

By partnering with us, you can rest assured that your site is secure and that your residents or employees are in good hands.

Stationary Officers

If you require a stationary security officer for your site, our team can provide you with both unarmed and armed officers who are trained to identify and assess potential threats from a fixed location. These officers can assist you in access control, visitor pass management, weapon detection services, employee health screenings and check-ins, oversight and accountability of inbound and outbound shipments, and more.


Whether your site requires 40 hours a week or 4,000 hours a week, our team can develop a program specifically designed to reduce missed shifts, enhance training, and provide maximum oversight through our layered security programs. Our security recommedations may include on-site security managers, site liaisons, remote camera monitoring, live officer tracking by our 24/7 SOC, dispatch services and more.

Site Specific Security

Every site has unique security needs that out-of-the-box security programs cannot meet, which is why we use the following steps to build custom security plans for every site.


STEP #1: Our operations team collaborates with your leadership to develop a customized plan addressing those needs.


STEP #2: We deploy digital patrol checkpoints, monitor your site through our 24/7 SOC, and use internal fail-safes to ensure no patrols or reports are missed.


STEP #3: Thanks to our advanced analytics, we can hold our team accountable and maintain high standards. We review this with your team during our regular site visits and check-ins.


Our process has a proven track record for providing successful security programs, including armed and unarmed officers, site access control, weapons detection, and more.

Canine services

If you require advanced threat detection for your site, our canine services are an excellent option to enhance security. We offer both dedicated and occasional canine patrols to suit your needs. Our highly trained canine officers are capable of detecting potential threats that may have gone unnoticed otherwise, making their services invaluable. Additionally, one of the greatest benefits of our canine services is the deterrence factor. Knowing that a canine patrol may be present on-site, those with nefarious intentions are less likely to bring contraband, as they know they may get caught.


If you are interested in canine patrols, stationary officers, or a custom-built site security plan, please reach out to our team below.

High Risk Sites:
Schools, Churches & More

There are specific locations, such as schools, churches, public events, and high-risk industrial sites, that face constant threats of violence. For these places, specialized security measures are required. Our Armed Officers undergo situational awareness training, scenario-based training, firearms training, medical training, and de-escalation techniques. These officers, primarily selected from our pool of candidates with prior law enforcement and military experience, are equipped to handle the unique challenges these sites provide. They are ready to take immediate action if an active shooter arrives on-site. Thanks to these officers and our management team, we can handle even the most delicate of situations and dangerous incidents.

VIP and Asset Protection: Athlete, Executive and High Value Assets

If you need top-level security services, we can offer highly-trained elite armed officers with prior Special Forces or equivalent backgrounds. These officers are experts in handling delicate situations and specialize in protecting executives, VIPs, professional athletes, and high-risk assets. We can coordinate with multiple teams across various sites to help coordinate the movement of assets and people from one location to another. Our services range from event security to long-term protection.


Coastal Security Services Inc. has provided security for PGA tours, car shows, diplomats, royalty, athletes, musicians, precious gem transport, and more.

Event Solutions

Whether you are organizing an event involving professional athletes or locals who want to enjoy a seasonal festival, our team can provide mobile event solutions that will help ensure the smooth operation of your event. Our unarmed, armed, and elite armed officers can help with parking, guest check-in, site patrols, equipment protection, VIP protection, armed patrols, weapon and metal detection, and more. To enhance your event's security, we offer Mobile Surveillance Units with remote monitoring that act as a force multiplier, extending on-site resources even further.

  • Proven Track Record
  • Digital Incident Reporting
  • Mobile Surveillance Units

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