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Coastal Security sets the standard for comprehensive security services, offering a diverse range of solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our array of services includes armed and unarmed uniformed officers, mobile patrols, and gate officers. Whether safeguarding public and private institutions, residential complexes, private homes, communities, or construction sites, our experienced and trained professionals are dedicated to providing top-notch security. At Coastal Security, we pride ourselves on a proactive approach, utilizing cutting-edge technology to enhance effectiveness while maintaining a customer-centric focus, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of our clients around the clock.

John and Noreen McMullin


John and Noreen founded CSSI in 2006 after seeing a need in the local community for quality security options. Their passion for quality, commitment to service and background in business and federal law enforcement turned out to be a winning combination that still challenges the company daily.

J.R. McMullin

Chief Operating Officer

J.R. is a natural—born leader with a passion for team building, development, and cutting-edge technology. After leaving the United States Coast Guard, his vision for CSSI has been a guiding factor as the company continues to grow year over year. J.R. continues to drive the company to new levels of operational excellence through his attention to detail, team building, and talent acquisition skills.

Shannon Eggert

Director of Human Resources

Shannon, a graduate of Pennsylvania State University, had a highly successful career in Human Resources before joining CSSI in 2017. Since becoming a member of the team, her talent for identifying and nurturing quality candidates has played a key role in shaping our company culture. Shannon remains as passionate about company culture as ever and continues to develop and implement new and improved training and hiring initiatives.

David Brainard

Director of Business Development

David has spent his career helping companies navigate through the exciting challenges of growing and scaling their company during times of extreme growth. His extensive experience has turned him into an expert in systems, marketing, and a passionate advocate for memorable customer service. Currently, he works with the team to onboard new sites, build marketing initiatives, and develop successful client relationships.

Cullen Dixon

Regional Operations Manager

Cullen is an experienced professional with a background in both military and civilian law enforcement. He has worked as a criminal investigator and possesses a natural ability to identify risks, develop comprehensive security plans, and build a team. His contribution to CSSI's operational excellence has been invaluable. Currently, Cullen is actively involved in ensuring that our field operations team meets and exceeds our customers' needs. Additionally, he assists in conducting security assessments, providing training, and developing the team.

Trae Simmons

Field Training Coordinator

Trae brings years of advanced military and law enforcement training, practices and experience to the team. His ability to turn complicated techniques into easily learnable assets, takes our field capabilities to a level that rivals even the largest competition. You can also find Trae assisting clients with comprehensive security assessments and risk analysis.

Reinaldo Osario

Senior Operations Manager

Reinaldo "Rey" Osorio a valuable member of our team, brings with him over 15 years of experience in the security and law enforcement fields. After a decorated career in law enforcement, during which he performed undercover operations and investigations and served as a training instructor. He has shifted his focus to the private security field, where he has gained extensive experience overseeing the security needs of major movie production sets, luxury retail sites, large industrial facilities, and 2000+ home communities. Rey's diverse skill set and vast security experience make him an invaluable addition to our team as we continue to grow and expand.

James Langenfeld

Senior Operation Manager

James, a native of the Lowcountry, has dedicated his career to saving lives and protecting people. With a background in both the medical and security fields, James has specialized in trauma and emergency response. His unique skills and talents make him an indispensable part of the team. In addition to his impressive background, James has completed FEMA Event Risk Management training and is a certified SLED instructor, helping to improve the standards of excellence and training at Coastal Security assisting clients with comprehensive security assessments and risk analysis.

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